Prospan Cough Syrup - 100ml CHESTY Cough Relief & Mucus Relief

Prospan Cough Syrup - 100ml CHESTY Cough Relief & Mucus Relief

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Prospan® cough preparations stand out from others as they are produced using an individual and unique manufacturing process. This exclusive process results in the unique Prospan® Special-Ivy-Extract EA 575®, whose individual characteristics can be compared to a fingerprint.

Thanks to its pneumoactive formula®, the special extract is able to effectively treat complex cough-related processes. Prospan® liquefies the sticky mucus trapped in the bronchi, allowing it to be coughed up more easily and thus removed from the body. As a result of the relaxant effect on the bronchi, constricted airways are widened, enabling you to breathe more freely again.

Prospan® cough preparations are effective and especially well tolerated.

Compared to various other cough preparations, Prospan® is very versatile. It can be used not only for acute forms of cough, but also for chronic, inflammatory bronchial conditions. An additional advantage of Prospan® is its broad product range. You’ll find a solution to match every age segment.

General Information

Kids Prospan is clinically shown to be an effective treatment for productive cough in children.
Kids Prospan contains active ingredient Hedera Helix (Ivy Leaf Extract) which helps liquify and clear mucus from the airways and relax and calm convulsive coughing. Troublesome and painful coughing is calmed but not blocked.
Safety studies have not been conducted on Kids Prospan during pregnancy.
Do not take Kids Prospan Expectorant if you are hypersensitive to any of its ingredients.
In the event of fructose intolerance, caution is advised.

Common Uses

Relief of coughs,
Relief of mucous congestion,
Temporary relief of bronchial cough by soothing bronchial airways,
Temporary relief of bronchial cough,
Temporary relief of cough due to bronchial congestion,
Relieves productive coughs by inhibiting the internalisation of beta-2 receptors.


Hedera Helix Equivalent (Dry Leaf) 43.75mg/mL
Kid Prospan is alcohol-free, sugar-free, non-drowsy and contains no colourings.


Cherry Type Natural Flavouring, Citric Acid - Anhydrous, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbitol, Water - Purified, Xanthan Gum.
0-2 Years*            2.5mL   2 times per day
2-5 Years             2.5mL   3 times per day
6-9 Years             5mL     3 times per day
10-11 Years           5mL     3 times per day
12 Years & Above      5mL     3 times per day