100ML PHARMATON KIDDI CL SYRUP MultiVitamin with Lysine & Calcium

100ML PHARMATON KIDDI CL SYRUP MultiVitamin with Lysine & Calcium

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Product Description
Pharmaton® Kiddi® has a special, balanced formula of carefully selected vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. This provides support for a healthy mental and physical development in children. Its special formula is designed to give your child's body the micronutrients it needs during specific stages of growth: nothing more and nothing less. Pharmaton® Kiddi® is easily digested

Kiddi Pharmaton promotes healthy development of a growing child: for strong bones, a robust immune system, memory and resistance to stress.

How to use Kiddi Pharmaton:
Suitable for infants and children aged 1 or older.
Ideally should be taken each day during or after breakfast.
Pour on a spoon or mix with food, fruit juice or water.

Children 1-5 years: 7.5 ml once a day
Children above 5 years: 15 ml once a day

Kiddi Pharmaton is a pleasant orange flavoured syrup.

It contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals and the amino acid lysine.

Kiddi Pharmaton acts as a dietary supplement during convalescence or loss of appetite.
It also helps correct specific vitamin deficiencies.