Clearogout (For Gout) 30 + 5 Free Sachets

Clearogout (For Gout) 30 + 5 Free Sachets

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CLEAROGOUT- The trusted oral solution to prevent gout pain, eliminate uric acid & prevent uric acid crystallisation.

STOP GOUT PAIN! Uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints lead to gout pain & symptoms such as:

-Swollen big toe

- Inflammation & painful joints

- Oversensitivity & tenderness Left untreated, gout can worsen pain & joint damage, leading to immobility.

It works! Clearogout is the uric acid neutralizer solution that helps to: - Prevent gout pain - Eliminate uric acid - Prevent uric acid crystallization Packed in convenient sachets, Clearogout is suitable for all as it does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners (i.e. saccharin, aspartame etc.). Ask for Clearogout today & say goodbye to gout!

Direction for Use
For prevention of uric acid crystallisation: Take 2 sachets, twice daily (Total 4 sachets). As adjunct treatment during gout attack: Take 2 sachets, 4 times daily (Total 8 sachets).

Each sachet contains: Sodium bicarbonate 1760 mg Sodium citrate anhydrous 630 mg Citric acid anhydrous 720 mg Tartaric acid 890 mg Also contains lime flavoring agent.

Contra Indication
Renal failure or hypernatremia. Concurrent hexamine mandelate or hexamine hippurate therapy. Caution is advised in overt and occult cardiac failure. Concomitant use of urinary alkalinizers and quinolone antibiotics should also be avoided because crystalluria may be more likely to occur in alkaline urine.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place below 30?C. Protect from moisture and light.