Duoderm Hydroactive Wound Healing Gel 3 X 30gm

Duoderm Hydroactive Wound Healing Gel 3 X 30gm

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Duoderm Hydroactive Gel 30g(3p) and Extra Thin CGF Hydrogel Wound Dressing

 Wet wound dressing effective for the wound  protection!
For the hydration and management of wounds!

▶ Features of DuoDERM Extra Thin
Wrinkles provide comfort!
The surface of the scene has wrinkles that can be easily attached to curved surfaces and do not fall easily.

▶ How to use DuoDERM Extra Thin
1. Wash wound with water or saline and dry.
2. Cut Duoderm 3cm more than wound.
3. After attaching, press it for 30~60sec to increase abrasion.
4. When it is absorbed, surface comes up white.
    There are various substances that are good for wound healing,
    so please attach it on wound for 2~3 days so wounds get well.
5. Replace when the discharge from wound leaks.
6. Gently take off edge of dressing.

▶ DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel
Clear, preservative-free, viscous  hydrogel.
Sterile gel composed of natural hydrocolloids in a clear, viscous.
Indicated for management of partial and full-thickness wounds, ideally as a filler for dry cavity wounds to provide a moist healing environment.
Forms a moist wound environment that is supportive of healing process by aiding autolytic debridement and allowing non-traumatic removal of secondary dressing without damaging newly formed tissue.
Designed for hydration and management of partial and full-thickness
wounds such as pressure sores, leg ulcers, and diabetic ulcers.

▶ How to Use Hydroactive Gel
1. Cleanse the wound site, rinse well and dry the surrounding skin.
2. Unscrew the tube cap and remove the white safety ring.
3. Replace the cap to puncture the tube membrane.
4. Apply DuoDERM Gel directly into the wound.
    Do not fill the wound beyond the level of the surrounding skin.
5. DuoDERM Gel should be changed when the cover dressing leaks
    or is removed for routine dressing changes. (Maximum 7 days)

▶ Item Specification
1. Extra Thin : Size- 4 "x 4" / 10  PCS
                      Made in USA - Parallel import from Korea
2. Hydroactive Gel : Capacity: 30g x 3 tubes