Hydrocyn Aqua Spray (100ml) For Wound Care

Hydrocyn Aqua Spray (100ml) For Wound Care

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Product Description

HYDROCYN aqua® is indicated as a wound wash, debridement agent & cleaning solution for acute & chronic wounds such as stage I-IV ulcers, venous stasis & diabetic ulcerations, post-surgery wounds, burns (1st~2nd degree) and bed sores. It is also can be used in moistening, wound dressing during cleaning and irrigating wounds.

HYDROCYN aqua® helps to:
•Clean the wound
•Reduce bacterial load
•Remove fetid odor
•Support natural wound healing


Active - HOCl (0.003%)
•Inactive - NaOCl + NaCl (≤0.1%)
•Water – 99.9%